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The state of Goa, the former colonial Portuguese outpost for nearly 500 years, is home to white sand beaches, ancient churches, cobblestone streets and one of the most notoriously wild party scenes in the world. While vestiges of the hippie haven of the 1960s and 70s remain, the coastal state has plenty more to offer the intrepid traveler.

Goa Tour Package (2 Nights / 3 Days)


Day 1: Beach Bum

Honeymooners, backpackers and luxury travelers all flock to Goa with a plan to visit the beaches. Highly developed Calangute Beach is the place to be for a lively atmosphere and nearly any water sport you could dream of. If your ideal beach vacation involves more peace, spend the day lounging on the white sands of Palolem or Patnem. For sun and shopping, head over to Anjuna Beach for its weekly Wednesday flea market. Once the sun goes down, get in touch with Goa’s party roots with a night at Baga Beach, where the dancing and revelry continue well into the early hours of the morning.

Day 2: Historic Goa

Dig into Goa’s colonial Portuguese roots with a day in the current capital of Panaji (Panjim) and the former capital in Old Goa (Ela). Start the morning wandering the cobbled streets of Fontainhas and Sao Tome where the old mansions and church buildings date back to the mid-eighteenth century. After lunch, catch an auto rickshaw to Old Goa, once a great trading capital of Asia. Be sure to stop by the Basilica of Bom Jesus, home of the bodily remains of Saint Francis Xavier, founder of the Jesuit order and one of the first missionaries to visit India.

Day 3: Wild Goa

The waters of Goa’s coastline and rivers are teeming with wildlife and natural wonders waiting for you to explore while also offering a chance to escape the beach crowds for the day. New and seasoned divers alike can explore the underwater reefs and shipwrecks just off the coast or go further afield to the clearer waters of Netrani Island. If you’d prefer keeping your head above water, go for some bird watching at the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Alternately, make the trek through Goa’s deciduous forests to Dudhsagar Falls, among the 100 highest waterfalls in the world and home to an abundance of flora and fauna.

Goa Travel Guide

Goa Attraction

Goa, a tiny green land surrounded by azure waters on the West Coast of India, with its natural picturesque beauty, attractive beaches and famous architectural temples, grand parties and festivals and its rich Anglo-Indian heritage is a great attraction for all tourists. The most important places of interests are the beaches of Goa which are filled with millions of tourists every year as visitors all over the world flock to this natural paradise to bathe in the pleasant sun and crystal clear azure-green waters of the sea.

  • Baga Beach
  • Calangute Beach
  • Dudhsagar Waterfalls
  • Candolim
  • Panaji
  • Margao
  • Arambol Beach

Goa Nature

Located at the base of the Western Ghats in Goa, Nature’s Nest offer you a true nature & countryside  experience.  Enjoy a stay in rustic mud-lined cottages, relish Goan cuisines, participate in guided excursions, and get absorbed in countryside hospitality.  Come for a stay at Nature’s Nest and experience the other side of Goa sea.

  • Dudhsagar Waterfall
  • Tambdi Surla Waterfall
  • Bhagwan Mahavir National Park
  • Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and Zoo
  • Satpal Arboretum

Goa Art and Culture

The diversity of these cultural influences makes Goa distinctive although it shares in a general way the culture of the coastal Konkan strip. Among the innumerable folk dances and forms encountered in Goa include Talgadi, Goff, Tonya Mel, Mando, Kunbi dance, Suvari, Dasarawadan, Virabhadra, Hanpeth, Gauda jagar, Ranmale, Fugadi, Ghode Modni, Lamp Dance, Musal Dance, Romat or Mell, Morullem, Bhandap, Dhangar Dance, Dekhni and Dhalo.

  • Dashavatara
  • Dekhni
  • Dhalo
  • Dhangar Dance
  • Fugdi
  • Muslam Khel

Goa Shopping

A seasonal market which is set up on the banks of the Baga River and runs between November and April. A must-visit for all those who wish to carry a bit of Goa back with them, Panjim market offers a variety of goods like wines, cashew nuts, local handicrafts, Goan spices and also has a multiplex and an array of eateries in the vicinity.

  • Anjuna Flea Market
  • Mapusa Market
  • Panjim Market
  • Calangute Market Square
  • Acorn Arcade

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